Report in India: IAI, India negotiating additional Harop drone deal 

According to the Indian media, the agreement with Israel is supposed to be signed in the first quarter of this year. In addition, India will acquire new transport planes from Airbus

According to reports in the Indian media, India will sign an agreement with Israel in the early part of this year for the supply of an additional amount of Harop loitering munitions manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). One of the reports, by the Hindustan Times newspaper, also said a huge deal will be signed by European corporation Airbus Defense and Indian corporation TATA for the supply of 56 C-295 transport planes.   

The Indian newspaper says that the agreement with Israel is supposed to be signed in the first quarter of this year. The Harop is designed to locate and intercept quality targets with great precision. The missile follows the target, dives towards it and detonates its warhead on impact. The contract for the supply of 56 transport planes is supposed to be signed this year, with a large amount of the manufacturing of the planes to be carried out by the Indian defense industry. Airbus will supply India with the first 16 planes, with the remaining 40 to be manufactured by the TASI company, which belongs to TATA.    

The deal is currently being discussed in terms of its financial aspects, the Indian Defense Ministry said in its year-end review. The new Airbus planes will replace old Avro-748 planes that were supplied in the beginning of the 1960s. The first of the new planes will be provided to the Indian Air Force within two years, and the manufacturing in India will take place for about eight years.      

The C-295 transport planes, which can take off and land on short and even rough airstrips, are designed to carry out missions under all weather conditions.

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