Chilean Army tests Rafael's Spike LR and ER missile systems

The exercise was said to have made it possible to verify the level of training and the efficiency of use 

Photo: Comando de Operaciones Terrestres del Ejército de Chile

A brigade of the Chilean Army carried out a practical shooting exercise using Israeli company Rafael's Spike missile, Brazilian website reported. The Anti-Armor Missile Company of the 1st Acorazada Coraceros Brigade was said to have tested the weapon at the Pampa Chaca Instruction and Training Field in Arica. 

According to the report, the exercise, which is part of the annual training program of the Combined Weapons Unit (UAC) belonging to the VI Division, made it possible to verify the level of training and the efficiency of use of the system that provides fire support to the maneuvering means of the Chilean ground forces.

A video posted to the Chilean Army's Ground Operations Command (COT) Facebook account shows the deployment of American company AM General's HMMWV high-mobility multifunctional vehicles equipped with the Spike ER missile, and the firing of a Spike LR missile from a portable launch station.

The website said that the 1st Acorazada Coraceros Brigade has a training center equipped with simulators of both variants of the Spike missile that recreate all shooting phases and situations.

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