Israeli Navy's new warship 'Magen' arrives in Haifa

The first Saar-6 class missile corvette arrives in Haifa and joins the Navy. Equipment, defense systems, combat systems and electronics, all produced by Israeli defense companies, will be installed on the ship    

Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The missile corvette INS Magen will be welcomed to the port of Haifa today in an official ceremony attended by dignitaries from the defense and political establishments. The Magen, the Navy's first Sa'ar-6 class ship, arrives at the port after a journey of several weeks from the manufacturing shipyard, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, in Germany.         

The INS Magen actually passed the first test of its sailing capabilities while en route to the port of Haifa when it crossed the Bay of Biscay amid stormy conditions. It is the first of four Sa'ar-6 class ships to be received by the Navy, and it will be followed by the INS Oz, the INS Atzmaut and the INS Nitzahon in the coming years. The ships are intended to join the network for defense of Israel's exclusive economic zone, to defend the offshore gas platforms and the country's energy resources, and protect the shipping and trade lanes.  

The Magen will be tied to a new, special pier at the Navy's shipyard in Haifa where it will stay for several months for the installation of equipment, defense systems, electronics and combat systems, all produced by Israeli defense companies. The Magen has a 90-person crew. It weighs 1,900 tons and it is equipped with improved means for detecting and locating targets, and for intercepting missiles via the naval Iron Dome and Barak-8 systems. The ship has a deck for a helicopter that extends its operational range.   

The Saar-6 ships will be fitted with electronic warfare systems made by Elbit Systems. The combat systems are equipped with digital sensors, advanced signal processing technologies and analysis tools built using open architecture, enabling effective and proven operational capabilities while maintaining the flexibility to deal with current and future threats. The electronic warfare systems were developed by Elbit's Elisra company, one of Israel's centers of knowledge in the field of electronic warfare. 

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