Russia angry: US Navy shoots down ICBM in test carried out in Pacific Ocean

"The recent test directly confirms the falsity of American assurances," alleged Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova

One kill - JFCC IMD, SMDC support anti-ICBM test, by Carrie Campbell, identified by DVIDS

Russia has accused the US of spreading lies regarding the interception of intercontinental ballistic missiles. It claims that the result of an American test, in which an ICBM was intercepted and destroyed in space, proves that the Pentagon lied when it promised that American missile technologies are not being directed against Russia.  

Two days after the test, in which the US military intercepted and destroyed an ICBM launched from a Navy destroyer, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova alleged that the test was "a new confirmation of the dangerous and destabilizing character" of the American missile strategy "and its obvious anti-Russian orientation."               

The spokesperson referred to the test last week in which an SM-3 missile launched from an American destroyer, the USS John Finn, intercepted and destroyed an ICBM launched from an island in the Pacific Ocean. The missile that intercepted the target missile was part of the AEGIS missile defense system, a program that the Russians have suspected for some time of having a central role in a US plan to undermine Russia's military power.     

The spokesperson told reporters in Moscow that "For many years our American colleagues assured us that the interception of Russian ICBMs by American Standard systems – including this modification – is technically impossible," and "that they need a global missile defense system exclusively to counter some limited regional threats" such as Iran and North Korea. "The recent test directly confirms the falsity of American assurances," the spokesperson said, adding "we will have to take the necessary response measures."                                                              

Newsweek reports that SM-3 Block IIA missiles are deployed not far from the borders of Russia, in Poland and Romania. The US Missile Defense Agency said that the test was intended to check ways of defending the Hawaiian islands, and that it was held shortly after North Korea unveiled an ICBM. In the test, a target missile was launched from the Ronald Reagan test site. The crew of the USS John Finn received an alert from the sensors of the firing control center, and launched an SM-3 missile that destroyed the target missile, pleasing those from Raytheon who developed and manufactured the SM-3. 

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