IDF strikes Iranian Quds Force, Syrian military in retaliation for planting of IEDs

Arms depots, command centers and other military facilities were hit. To send a message, the IDF also struck an area near the living quarters of Quds Force senior officers 

Photo: IAF

After the discovery of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Israeli territory near the border fence in the southern Golan Heights, the IDF attacked Syrian military and Iranian Quds Force targets in Syria overnight.  

The IDF emphasized that the strikes were carried out in response to the planting of the IEDs by a squad of Syrians under the direction of Iran, which it said is directing Syrians living in the area to plant the devices. It added that the discovery of the IEDs on Tuesday was the latest proof of the continued Iranian entrenchment in Syria that constitutes a threat to stability in the region. The IEDs were neutralized by combat engineering troops. 

The IDF said arms depots, command centers and other military facilities such as ground-to-air missile batteries were hit in the overnight attack. One of the targets, according to the IDF, was a military camp under Iranian command, one of the main Iranian command centers in the country, located near Damascus. In addition, the IDF said that, to send a message, it struck an area adjacent to the living quarters of senior officers of the Quds Force near the Syrian capital, adding that it was not known whether any were hit. 

A Syrian opposition group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, reported that 10 people were killed including five members of the Quds Force and three Syrian troops. 

On Wednesday, in a statement, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, "Last night, the IDF initiated an air strike against Iranian Quds Force and Syrian military targets, in response to the explosives laid on Israeli territory along the border with Syria. I once again remind our enemies: Israel will not tolerate any violation of its sovereignty on any front. The Syrian regime is accountable for what happens on its territory or out of its territory."


The area where the IEDs were found. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit 


IEDs discovered near the border fence. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit