Barrett to start supplying MK22 sniper rifles to US Army in January 

The company said that the rifles have met all requirements for the Department of Defense's Advanced Sniper Rifle program contract

Photo: Sgt. Kyle C. Talbot/US Marine Corps

U.S.-based Barrett Firearms has announced that it has received its first MK22 precision sniper rifle delivery order from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

In its statement, the company said that the Multi-Role Adaptive Design Mark 22 rifles have met all requirements for the Department of Defense contract for the Advanced Sniper Rifle. Since the contract was awarded in March 2019, the MK22 has completed all aspects of the Production Qualification Testing and Operational Testing phases. As a result, Barrett has received the initial production order and deliveries will commence in January 2021.

The Defence Blog website noted that USSOCOM initially announced in 2016 they were in search of a modular, multi-caliber bolt action sniper rifle capable of converting between .300 Norma Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum and 7.62x51mm through a "full and open competition".

The MK22 is a modified version of the market-ready Barrett Multi-Role Adaptive Design. It is said to increase a sniper’s combat effectiveness and survivability through superior precision fire and greater stand-off distances. The MK22 also said to be superior to the sniper rifles currently in the Army's inventory due to its increased accuracy, portability, versatility, munitions, and both day and night target acquisition.

Photo: Barrett