Israel Shipyards presents 'Saar S-72' corvette

The presentation took place at the Euronaval 2020 exhibition. According to reports, the new ship is equipped with advanced radar and sea-to-air missiles, a naval cannon and torpedo launch tubes. The rear serves as a helicopter landing pad  

The Saar 72, via Wikimedia 

Israel Shipyards presented its "Saar-72" corvette, the new generation of Saar combat ships, at the Euronaval 2020 exhibition that was held digitally this year.  

According to the World Defense website, the Saar S-72 is equipped with ELTA's EL/M 2258 ALPHA advanced radar as well as eight Harpoon or Gabriel anti-ship missiles, 16 Barak-8 sea-to-air missiles, a 76mm Otobreda naval cannon and six tubes for launching Mark-46 torpedoes.  

More about the Saar-72: It is powered by two diesel engines, and its rear serves as a helicopter pad. The ship has a maximum speed of about 30 knots and an operating range of 5,500km. It is 72 meters long and has a displacement of 800 tons. The ship can stay at sea for 21 consecutive days with a crew of 50 officers and sailors, as well as accommodate 20 commandos or other visitors. 

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