KELA rolls out new tech for detection, warning of dark net threats 

IntelAct is aimed at enabling organizations to monitor their attack surface in real time

Photo: Bigstock

Dark net threat intelligence firm KELA announced Thursday the release of its IntelAct proprietary technology that it says allows 100% automated monitoring of an organization's attack surface and enables organizations to receive real-time, automated alerts of their dark net exposure.

The Israeli company said IntelAct's intelligence can be leveraged for multiple purposes, such as assisting in efficient security operations; automatically detecting dark net threats; managing vulnerabilities in real-time; controlling risks emerging from 3rd party vendors; and responding to security incidents in time.

David Carmiel, KELA's CTO, said "The ongoing shifts in the digital world require that a solution be available to organizations of any size and maturity. Especially now, as many organizations continue to work from home with no specific change of plans in the foreseeable future, KELA understood that they may require immediate intelligence solutions that are ready-to-use and don't necessarily require additional resources."

"The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and the amount of organizations out there that lack the resources to begin building an advanced cyber security strategy or program is increasing. IntelAct is meant to help organizations – even at earlier stages of maturity – maintain a reduced attack surface at all times. Nowadays, organizations of every size are being targeted, so we developed IntelAct to enable even the smaller, less mature ones, to monitor their most critical assets in the most efficient way possible, essentially assisting them in deterring potentially severe cyberattacks against them." 

According to KELA, more than a decade of dark net expertise went into the development of the new technology. 

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