Auto cybersecurity lifecycle management platform released by C2A Security

AutoSec is said to monitor and protect vehicles while harmonizing communication among all the players down the supply chain 

Photo: Bigstock

Israel's C2A Security, a leading provider of automotive cybersecurity solutions, announced last week the launch of its flagship cybersecurity product AutoSec, the first-ever comprehensive cybersecurity lifecycle management platform, which empowers industry stakeholders to identify and mitigate cyberattacks.

AutoSec is said to be in line with new standards and regulations while maintaining protection against cyberattacks throughout the vehicle's lifecycle. According to C2A, the platform gives users unparalleled transparency into the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, enabling streamlined management of risk assessment, planning, policy creation and enforcement with just a few clicks. 

For the first time in the automotive industry, AutoSec harmonizes communication among all the players down the supply chain, creating a uniform and effective channel for risk management. To accelerate industry-wide cybersecurity improvements and facilitate harmonization of cybersecurity efforts across supply chain organizations, C2A released AutoSec under a "freemium" model under which any interested cybersecurity team can begin using the platform free of charge and immediately gain full-spectrum visibility into all of a vehicle's components, the company said.

Chief Product and Marketing Officer Nathaniel Meron commented, "Core to C2A's mission is to see the automotive industry truly secure, protecting companies and drivers alike. In service of that mission, AutoSec delivers the three key capabilities the industry currently lacks - visibility, control and protection - in a single, centralized platform. By developing AutoSec with extensive input from automotive cybersecurity innovators and making it free to use for all players, we are contributing to the industry's ongoing efforts to tackle the many cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow."