Spain provides surplus weapons to Uruguay

The Uruguayan Army has started equipping units with MG-3A1 machine guns and ECIA 60mm mortars

Photo: Uruguayan Army

The Monch website reported that the Uruguayan Army has started taking delivery of 984 MG-3A1 machine guns and 30 ECIA 60mm COMANDO mortars acquired from surplus Spanish government stocks.

The MG-3 is manufactured in Spain at the Santa Bárbara factory under license from Rheinmetall. The Uruguayan Army already has 150 of the guns that previously belonged to the German Army, and were acquired from Germany in 2009. The ECIA light mortars are being added to those received in 2016, when 60 mortars of the 120mm caliber L65/120 and 120 of the 81mm L65/81 types arrived. In addition, the recent shipment included spare barrels, tripods, targeting systems and ammunition drums.