Phantom Technologies rolls out new drone detection, jamming system

The system protects forces by scanning the skies, detecting hostile drones, and tactically jamming their communications

Photo: Phantom Technologies

Israel's Phantom Technologies LTD., a developer and manufacturer of diverse solutions in the field of electronic warfare, has introduced a drone detection and blocking system called Phantom Dome 180 that includes radar, thermal cameras, and a system for jamming communications.    

Phantom Dome is aimed at protecting forces from hostile drones. The detection is based on radar developed exclusively by Phantom, along with thermal cameras. The system is connected, controlled and monitored by a controller. It combines the elements of detection by radar, detection by electro-optical/infrared camera, jamming of communications, and radio frequency detection. 

Roei Itshakov, founder and CEO of Phantom Technologies, said “I have identified the need and demand and developed a product that not only blocks the drone but is also based on passive and active detection techniques. For this purpose, Phantom Technologies developed a detection radar that is planned and manufactured exclusively at the company's plants in Petah Tikva. "

The company offers several anti-drone solutions, both active and passive, which have been delivered and deployed in Asia and Latin America for governmental customers.

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