Report: New 'Magen' warship to be delivered to Israeli Navy in December 

The Magen will be the first of four Sa'ar-6 class ships to be received by the Navy in the future

In December 2020 the Israeli Navy will receive the Sa'ar-6 class "Magen" warship, the first from a shipyard in Germany.  Three additional Sa'ar-6 ships are to be delivered in the next two years. AP News reported that in 2015 the Israeli Defense Ministry ordered from the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems company four Sa'ar-6 class ships, corvettes built with stealth technology to make the ships difficult to detect by radar.   

It is a technology based on a combination of radar, sonar and infrared. The ship is 90 meters long and 13.2 meters wide with a displacement of 2,000 tons. World Defense News reports that the Sa'ar-6 is armed with an Oto Melara 70mm cannon, two Typhoon Weapon Stations, 16 launchers for Barak 8 missiles, 40 cells for defense systems, 16 sea-to-sea missiles, EL/M-2448 radar and two 324mm torpedo launchers. The ship also has a platform for SH-60 helicopters.   

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