Polish Military Police using Plasan's SandCat light armored vehicle

A medical evacuation version of the Israeli company's vehicle is being displayed at a defense expo in Poland

Polish Military Police using Plasan's SandCat light armored vehicle

The medical evacuation vehicle on display at the exhibition. Photos: Polish Military Police  

The Polish website Defence24 reports that the Polish Military Police is displaying a medical evacuation version of Plasan's SandCat light armored vehicle at the MSPO 2020 defense exhibition currently taking place in Poland.

The Israeli company's SandCat Stormer vehicle, called Szop in Poland, was selected in July 2015 in a tender conducted by the Security Department of the Military Police for the supply of light armored vehicles. In total, 14 were purchased: seven for combat, three for police coordination, one for medical evacuation, one for VIP evacuation, and two for combat that are equipped with an assault ramp. All of the vehicles were delivered to the Special Department of the Military Police in Warsaw.

The medical evacuation vehicle presented at MSPO is intended for the transport of one wounded person on a stretcher along with a crew of four. The medical equipment in the vehicle includes a defibrillator, a respirator, a device for rapid fluid infusion, a rapid ultrasound device, an infrascanner, and airway protection equipment.


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