ReSec, Menlo Security join hands to fully address web-based cyber threats 

The joint solution is said to offer unparalleled security while browsing the web and downloading documents 

Photo: Bigstock

Israeli cybersecurity company ReSec Technologies announced Thursday that it has integrated its ReSecure Web solution with US-based Menlo Security's Cloud Secure Web Gateway to enable end-to-end web browsing and download protection.

"We are thrilled to partner with Menlo Security, a leader in cloud security, to bring customers a combined solution that fully addresses their web security concerns," said Oren Shnitzer, ReSec's founder and CTO. "ReSec and Menlo share a prevention-driven approach to security, eliminating both known and unknown malware threats, without compromising user experience."

According to ReSec, its solution completely prevents malware arriving via downloaded documents from the web, maintaining the original file outside of the organization's network and creating a threat-free and fully functional replica in real time for safe access by the user. 

The Menlo Security Cloud Secure Web Gateway is built on an Isolation Core, which separates the enterprise network from the public web while providing users with secure, low-latency connections to the Internet and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. The platform is built in the cloud for the cloud and is architected to help companies embrace a cloud-first architecture, according to a press release.

"Menlo Security's integration with ReSec enables download of threat-free and fully functional documents in their native format using our Cloud Secure Web Gateway with Isolation Core. The joint solution mitigates a critical threat vector while improving productivity for users," said Sanjit Shah, head of strategic alliances for Menlo Security.

ReSec provides organizations with protection from file-based malware threats from email, removable devices, and file-transfer threat vectors by using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology. 

The Israeli company says that the ReSecure Web platform has been deployed globally in highly sensitive organizations from various industries including defense, telecommunications, finance, critical infrastructure, oil and gas.

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