Israel's Epsilor to supply armored vehicle batteries to Southeast Asian armies

The Li-Ion 6T batteries are to be installed in tracked infantry fighting vehicles

The Australian digital magazine Defense Technology Review reports in its September issue that two Southeast Asian armies have chosen Lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries made by the Israeli company Epsilor for their new armored vehicle fleets.

The two undisclosed nations chose Li-Ion 6T NATO-standard batteries from Epsilor's COMBATT military vehicle battery line. Epsilor refused to disclose which countries were involved and only stated that the batteries were for tracked infantry fighting vehicles in both armies.

The Australian magazine said it understands that one costumer selected the ELI-52526-B nickel cobalt aluminum oxide 4.2KwH battery for its high capacity and superior silent watch performance, while the other opted for the new lithium ion phosphate battery for its superior safety in accordance with MIL-PRF-32565A Amendment 1 as specified by U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research and Engineering Center.

Already selected by more than 10 other users across Europe, Asia and South America, Epsilor Li-Ion 6T batteries are currently being evaluated and field tested by industrial clients and armies in 5 NATO countries. The IDF recently completed a year-long testing process during which the Epsilor 6T was evaluated under a variety of environmental and field conditions.

Epsilor has also recently won a number of contracts worth over $5 million for the supply of thousands of Li-Ion batteries and hundreds of battery chargers for a number of international UAS projects.

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