Dutch special forces to receive military quads from vehicle manufacturer Defenture

The tactical 4×4 vehicles are to be developed based on a prototype commissioned by the European country's Defense Ministry 

Photos (above and below): Defenture

Netherlands-based vehicle manufacturer Defenture announced that the company signed a contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defense for the supply of 249 military diesel quads.

Defenture, together with its partner W-tec from Neede, will develop the special military quad between 2020 and 2024, test prototypes and build them in series for the Dutch Special Forces. The contract includes the possibility of another 120 quad vehicles being built by Defenture for the ministry. 

The quad, which will be developed especially for the Defense Ministry on the basis of a prototype previously commissioned by the ministry, is to be fitted with a diesel engine and automatic gearbox. The vehicle is currently being delivered in one variant and is suitable for transport by helicopter and meets the highest degree of mobility, a unique strength of Defenture that has already proven itself in an earlier delivery of the VECTOR (versatile expeditionary commando tactical off road) vehicle to the Dutch Special Forces.

Henk van der Scheer, director of Defenture, said “We are particularly proud of the award of the order and the cooperation with W-tec. This contract is good for employment in the Netherlands and fits extremely well with the vision and strategy we have outlined. This strategy is to become a world leader in the development of tactical 4×4 vehicles with high mobility in the vehicle weight class of 0.5 to 9 tones. From 2013 we have developed the VECTOR, which is derived from the GRF platform, together with the Dutch Ministry of defense. With this vehicle, we have an international reputation; it is seen as the reference in the tactical vehicle segment. 

"We have translated the experience from the VECTOR into a strategy with which we have focused on new Dutch and similar international Programmes. We are now participating in and working on various international Programmes that could lead to additional assignments in the short term. As a result, we look to the future with great confidence,” the director said.