Israel said to be in advanced stage of talks on medical assistance to Lebanon

According to reports, logistical preparations for the transfer of equipment are underway as contacts continue via the UN. The Lebanese government has yet to officially respond to Israel's overture following the gigantic blast.

Photos (above and below): CNES

Israel's public broadcasting station reported on Wednesday evening that Israel was in an advanced stage of talks, mediated by the UN, regarding the transfer of specific medical equipment to Lebanon to help the country recover from Tuesday's massive warehouse explosion, and had started logistical preparations for such a transfer.  

Earlier, a source from the UNIFIL peacekeeping force told the station that the Lebanese government had received Israel's offer of assistance, but had yet to officially respond. 

The station also reported that following requests by several countries, Israel was considering the possibility of allowing non-Lebanese citizens who were wounded in the blast to be hospitalized in Israel, as hospitals in Beirut are overwhelmed.     

In a radio interview on Thursday, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said the offer of assistance was something that needed to be done, adding "We have no conflict with the Lebanese people".

As of early Thursday afternoon there were about 140 dead, 5,000 wounded and dozens still missing in Beirut.

Meanwhile, satellite images of the Lebanese capital's port area on Wednesday showed the power of what some have called one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history. There is now a massive crater filled with seawater where the obliterated warehouse once stood.




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