Ivory Coast special forces use Tavor assault rifles

An airborne unit was shown training with the Israeli weapons under the guidance of US military instructors 

Photos: Sgt. Andrew Adaire/US Army

Photos published recently by The Firearm Blog website show Ivorian special forces troops training with a variety of weapons from Israeli company IWI.

The soldiers from the 3rd Airborne Unit of the Ivory Coast Special Forces were shown firing the CTAR model of the Tavor assault rifle, a compact, shorter 380mm (15in) barrel variant intended for commandos and special forces with the "Mor" sight made by the Meprolight company, and the Micro Tavor X-95 assault rifle, probably model L (38 cm long barrel) with a Meprolight M21 sight.

The training took place in 2019 under the guidance of instructors from the US Army Green Berets.

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