Israeli innovation spotlighted in Taipei at Asia's largest biotech conference 

Ten Israeli startups had virtual booths that drew thousands of visitors at BIO Asia-Taiwan 2020. The conference included a seminar on Israel's innovation ecosystem. 

Tsilil Lahav (R), Head of the Israel Economic & Trade Mission in Taiwan; Omer Caspi (C), Representative of the Israel Economic & Cultural Office in Taiwan, and Jill Ho, i2i Director, at Bio Asia-Taiwan 2020. Photo: i2i

Israel attracted great interest at the largest annual international biotechnology conference in Asia, which was held in Taipei, Taiwan, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

BIO Asia-Taiwan 2020 was the world's first large-scale international biotechnology exhibition since the outbreak of the pandemic. It was held in physical and virtual format with thousands of participants, with COVID-19 as a main topic. The five-day conference included an Israel Day Seminar, titled "The Israeli Secret", to better understand and learn about the start-up nation. 

"Taiwan and Israel are working hard to push and collaborate on digital health," said Johnsee Lee, Chairman of Taiwan Bio (Biotechnology Innovation Organization) Industry Organization, co-organizer of the annual conference. 

Ten Israeli start-ups attended Bio Asia-Taiwan 2020. They were selected to participate in Taiwan's innovation program IP² LaunchPad that was launched earlier this year by innovation to industry (i2i), a tech ecosystem builder that supports and connects innovation stakeholders in Taiwan. The Israeli companies were represented at the physical conference by i2i but they also had virtual booths that attracted thousands of visitors.  The Israeli startups coordinated meetings, held pitching sessions for strategic partners and potential investors, and continued to promote exposure and penetration of their business operations in Taiwan in particular and in Asia markets in general.

"We are encouraging more collaborations by connecting more Taiwanese companies with Israeli technology in different stages. This is why we are so happy with this IP² Launchpad project by i2i – it creates yet another very important bridge between our two countries and economies for more companies to follow," said Tslil Lahav, Head of the Israel Economic & Trade Mission in Taipei.

Dr. Gary Gong, Chairman of i2i, said: "The official launch of our innovation program IP² LaunchPad for Israeli companies was the trigger to a new level of business and innovation collaborations between Israel and Taiwan and connecting Israeli start-ups and leading Taiwanese companies. Despite the global pandemic, we are working in a variety of channels to provide the Israeli companies with a platform for penetrating and expanding their operations in Asian markets. Participation in the conference was a rare opportunity to reach out to strategic partners and global investors during this period of time and it resulted in significant exposure to Israeli companies and meetings with strategic partners and investors"

As part of the IP² LaunchPad program, the following companies from Israel participated in the conference: Tenuto Medical, ViruNet, [email protected] Home, Resymmetry, PathKeeper Surgical, Well-Beat, 6Degrees, Venovision, EZMEMS, and EcoFusion.

Bio Asia-Taiwan 2020 was held on July 22-26. People from more than 25 countries participated in the event, including senior executives and investors from North America, Europe and Asia. The conference was held for the 16th time in Taipei. A total of 496 companies participated in the physical exhibition this year, with 1,077 booths and around 200 virtual booths. 

"Taiwan which continues to successfully cope with the pandemic, is a significant business hub and attracts companies from all over the world. The Israeli companies that were selected to participate in our innovative program were given an exceptional opportunity to attend this global event and to continue to operate in the global markets, despite the pandemic. We will continue to provide companies participating in our program, a platform for their global promotion at additional events as well as in creating business relationships and collaborations" said Rani Shifron, CEO of Healthier Globe, an Israeli consulting firm, representing i2i and managing the IP² LaunchPad in Israel.