CyCognito, in Series B round, rakes in $30 million to defend IT assets

Israeli cybersecurity company's platform uncovers and assesses risks from business systems and assets exposed to attackers

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Israeli startup CyCognito, a leader in uncovering and prioritizing risk from attacker-exposed systems and assets, announced Thursday that it raised $30 million in Series B funding, bringing the company’s total funding to $53 million. 

Accel led the round with participation from previous investors UpWest, Sorenson Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. CyCognito will utilize the funding to expand its teams as well as further develop its product for identifying externally-exposed systems and digital assets that are either unknown, uncontrolled or abandoned, but present the biggest business risks to an organization. 

“Attackers seek out externally-exposed systems and assets that are mostly overlooked by organizations and are easy targets and conduits into corporate networks and data centers,” said Rob Gurzeev, CEO and co-founder of CyCognito. “Our next level of funding enables us to greatly increase our market reach, educating and serving the needs of companies in closing these dangerous gaps and gaining an edge on attackers.”

Customers across a wide range of industries are said to be using the CyCognito platform to discover their attack surface, detect and eliminate attack vectors, validate their security posture, monitor subsidiary risk, and perform cyber due diligence as part of M&A activities. 

As attackers look for and target the easiest, least secured ways to compromise organizations, CyCognito's platform detects and exposes these paths so that organizations can eliminate them. It is an automated solution that utilizes internet-scale data collection in combination with machine learning to automatically and continuously assess organizations to discover the paths of least resistance. 

The platform uses a unique reconnaissance process supported by a global bot network that surveils assets from multiple locations around the world at multiple intervals, undetectably and non-intrusively, to reveal the full extent of the attack surface, including critical vectors that other solutions miss. It is only by mapping the attack surface and assessing its associated risks that an organization can discover the paths of least resistance and eliminate them.

CyCognito was founded in 2017 by CEO Rob Gurzeev, a veteran of the IDF's elite 8200 unit, and CTO Dima Potekhin.

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