Russia completes tests of new Kalashnikov PPK-20 submachine gun

The ergonomics and components of the iconic weapon have been significantly improved, according to the manufacturer    

Russia's Kalashnikov Concern announced last week that the state-level tests of the new submachine gun developed within the framework of the Vityaz-MO ROC program have been completed. The company announcement said that the interdepartmental commission recognized the product as suitable for mass production and recommended to assign it the name "9 mm Kalashnikov submachine gun PPK-20" to perpetuate the memory of Viktor Mikhailovich Kalashnikov, inventor of the iconic assault rifle. 

The serially produced Vityaz-SN submachine gun was adopted as the basis for the development of the new weapon. During the developmental stage, recommendations made during the production of the Vityaz-SN were taken into account, and the design and composition of the product were made in accordance with the requirements of the tactical and technical task. According to the company, the ergonomics of the new Kalashnikov and the equipment attached to it have been significantly improved, the reliability of the product has been increased, and a silencer has been attached. The PPK-20 includes a belt that can be fastened at one point or two points on the submachine gun. It also comes with a camouflaged bag that can be used for carrying magazines, silencers, adapters, clips and an oiling device.

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