IAI Welcomes Siemplify to the Israeli Cyber Consortium 

The new member's platform is seen as amplifying the capabilities of the group to offer national-scale cyber solutions to countries around the world 

Photo: IAI

Siemplify Cyber, a leader in security orchestration, automation, and response to cybersecurity incidents, is joining IC3, the Israeli Cyber Consortium led by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Siemplify will market its products through the consortium, adding a layer of automation technology that streamlines the handling of cyber incidents within national cybersecurity centers.

IC3 was founded at the beginning of 2016 as an initiative of the Ministry of the Economy to provide a comprehensive response, comprised of the technologies of different companies, to the requirements of national cyber centers around the world. IC3 consists of Israel's leading cyber companies, including Check Point, Mellanox, Verint, Bynet, ECI, CyberX, ClearSky, CyberArk, BGProtect, XM Cyber, Siemplify, and IAI, the consortium’s leader. The consortium has already established a national cyber center in a Latin American country including designing a national cybersecurity strategy, conducting risk assessments and the establishment of a cyber-monitoring and defense center.

Esti Peshin, VP and General Manager of the Cyber Division at IAI, commented, “We welcome Siemplify to the Israel Cyber Consortium, a group that multiplies our effectiveness in offering national scale, end-to-end, cyber solutions to countries worldwide. Our solutions comprise first-rate technology, proven methodologies, continuous innovation, know-how sharing solutions, and the building of national capacity. The Consortium offers proven end-to-end solutions that enable significant cost saving on integration.”

Amos Stern, CEO and co-founder of Siemplify, said, “We are proud to join the Israeli Cyber Consortium, which provides a collaboration platform for remote information security teams to respond quickly and effectively to cyber threats. The need and importance of such a platform have become more pressing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Already now, we can see how the use of Siemplify’s automation and orchestration platform amplifies the platform’s capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to showcase our technology to cybersecurity organizations worldwide.”

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