Turkmenistan Said to Adopt ARX-160 Submachine Gun as Standard Service Weapon

The Central Asian country's special army, border and police units are currently equipped with the ARX-160, the Israeli-made Tavor and the Russian AK-103 submachine gun

Reports in Turkmenistan's media indicate that the country has adopted the Italian ARX-160 submachine gun manufactured by Italy's Beretta as the service weapon of the country's military and law enforcement authorities, and in the coming years plans to purchase large quantities of the ARX-160. At the end of 2019, contacts were also started between Turkmenistan's government and Beretta to establish a joint venture to manufacture and repair the submachine guns in the country.

According to the plan, all Kalashnikov-type assault rifles are expected to be removed from Turkmenistan's Army, Border Patrol, Police and other agencies by 2025. However, a limited number of Kalashnikovs will be retained in special army, border and police units. Currently, these units, besides being equipped with the ARX-160, are also equipped with Israeli-made Tavor guns and Russian-made AK-103 submachine guns. In the second phase of the military's transition to standard service weapons, the plan is to replace other types of weapons (sniper rifles, grenade launchers, handguns, and more), and the selection process is still ongoing.

The Azeridefence.com website notes that in 2014 Turkmenistan received 1,680 ARX-160A1 / A2 submachine guns and more than 2 million rounds of ammunition for these weapons from Berreta for €3.9 million, and also 150 GLX-160 submachine guns. In 2018, several thousand ARX-160A3 submachine guns were purchased.

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