Cyber Experts Form Int'l League to Battle COVID-19 Hackers

The new group is aimed at fighting threats from malicious actors trying to take advantage of security vulnerabilities and public concern over the coronavirus pandemic. Over 600 experts are said to have joined the league  


Archive photo: Bigstock

Hundreds of cyber security experts from dozens of countries have banded together in an effort to protect key infrastructure, communication networks and medical facilities from increasing cyberattacks.

The COVID-19 CTI League, whose establishment was announced this week, consists of experts from more than 40 countries. According to a twitter posting by the group's founder on March 27, more than 600 cybersecurity professionals have already joined. 

On its website, the league says "We are a community of CTI (cyber threat intelligence) experts, incident responders and industry experts working to neutralize all cyber threats looking to exploit the current pandemic. We identify, analyze and neutralize all threats but at this most sensitive time are prioritizing front-line medical resources and critical infrastructure."

The group's four managers are Ohad Zaidenberg, lead cyber intelligence researcher at Clearsky; Nate Warfield, senior security program manager at Microsoft; Chris Mills, senior privacy program manager at Microsoft; and Marc Rogers, VP cybersecurity strategy at Okta.

In a recent interview, the league's founder Zaidenberg said "If anyone is sick enough to use this global crisis to conduct cyberattacks, we need to try to stop them."

Hackers are trying to take advantage of security vulnerabilities as millions of people around the globe work from home due to social distancing restrictions. Phishing campaigns aimed at duping possible victims into providing login details and personal information have skyrocketed since the coronavirus started racing around the world.


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