Sources: Israeli Biological Institute Involved in Race to Cure Coronavirus

Will there be good news soon? It has become known to Israel Defense that the country's Institute for Biological Research is working intensively to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. According to Israel Defense Sources, the institute is developing a vaccine and a treatment for the virus in Israel  


Israel Defense has found out that experts at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) are working around the clock to find a vaccine and a cure for the new strain of coronavirus in order to meet the challenge of a possible outbreak in Israel.

According to Israel Defense sources, ever since the outbreak in China, the World Health Organization has been working with 15 laboratories around the globe to find a vaccine. Genetic samples were placed in the database of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the first few days after the outbreak, making them available to every laboratory in the world working on a cure. The Nes Tziyona-based IIBR is one of them.

In order for a vaccine to be produced for human use it must be approved by a health regulation authority such as the US Food and Drug Administration. But due to the seriousness of the current situation it is possible that there will be an easing of the required checks before production of a vaccine. This would be good news, but it is necessary to wait and see whether the vaccine actually works and how much time the approval will take.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced recently that he had instructed the IIBR and the Health Ministry to set up a vaccine factory. In a Hebrew-language tweet, Netanyahu said he had held a meeting with related government officials to prepare for a possible coronavirus outbreak. "The air, land and sea routes from China have been closed. If we locate Israelis who are infected, we will quarantine and treat them. I instructed the Biological Institute and the Health Ministry to work to find a vaccine and to set up a vaccine factory in Israel. We will do everything to protect the citizens of Israel," he said. 

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