Netanyahu on Gaza: “We Have Surprising Operational Plans”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: AP)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday addressed the situation in Gaza during a cornerstone-laying ceremony in the southern city of Ashkelon.

“There will be no long-term arrangement with Gaza as long as the ‘trickle’ (of rockets) continues. We will put an end to this; this is our policy. We are doing this very, very aggressively. You have seen our actions in recent weeks. I tell you all the time, including recently, that we have surprising operational plans, even more surprising than what you have seen. We will not tolerate this trickle. We will act to stop it.

“The residents of Ashkelon, the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and the south deserve the same quiet that the residents of the rest of the country deserve. We are working to bring about complete quiet, and it is only thanks to the deterrent power and strength of the IDF and of our security services that we are constantly seeing to the improvement of our plans.

“I spoke yesterday with President Trump – a very important conversation for the security of Israel. We discussed Iran, but we also spoke at length about the historic opportunities that we will have in the coming months. Among them – the Jordan Valley as the recognized eastern border of the State of Israel as well as a defensive alliance with the US. These are things that we could only dream about, but we have the possibility of implementing them,” said Netanyahu.