Netline to Supply IED Jamming Systems to Asian Customers

The company has secured follow-on orders worth $8 million to supply C-Guard reactive jamming systems in both portable and vehicular configurations to a state police force in Asia. The system was also purchased by a Southeast Asian country to protect head-of-state motorcades

Netline's C-Guard RJ Vehicular System (Photo courtesy of the company)

Netline Communications Technologies, an Israel-based developer and manufacturer of electronic warfare and spectrum dominance solutions, announces new contracts in Asia.

The company says it has signed a deal to provide the C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) Vehicular System, a vehicle-installed system that provides counter-IED (improvised explosive device) protection, to head-of-state motorcades in a Southeast Asian country. This solution both detects the threat and provides an immediate response, preventing remote detonation of radio controlled IEDs by transmitting jamming signals around the convoy. The system will be delivered by the end of the year.

Other contracts include follow-on orders for the supply of both vehicular and ManPack (MP) C-IED systems to a state police force in Asia. In its MP configuration, C-Guard RJ is carried by frontline forces in a single backpack unit, preventing attempts to activate IEDs around tactical forces when on the move.

“We are pleased to further establish our presence in Asia, both with new contracts and business, and by securing follow-on orders from existing customers,” said Netline CEO Yallon Bahat. “We appreciate the cooperation with the different security agencies in these countries and believe this cooperation will be extended to additional future projects, enabling our customers to align their EW security strategy with the rapidly evolving threats, by using Netline’s high-end, advanced EW technology.”