Despite Airstrikes, Construction Continues at Iran’s Military Base on Syria-Iraq Border

Satellite images from ISI reveal that construction is still ongoing at the Imam Ali compound, which was severely damaged by airstrikes attributed to Israel earlier this month

Credit: ImageSat International (ISI)

Satellite images released by Israeli company ImageSat International (ISI) reveal that despite recent attacks, “intense construction” is still underway at the Iranian Imam Ali military compound in Syria.

The Imam Ali compound was first publicly identified as a “classified Iranian project” earlier this month by Fox News, citing unnamed Western intelligence sources. Satellite images obtained by Fox News from ISI showed five fortified buildings that could be used to house precision-guided missiles and ten additional storehouses at the site.

According to ISI analysts, the images dated Sept. 21 show the construction of new military infrastructure, including fortification and revetments, access roads and trails in and around the base.

The Imam Ali compound, located in the Al Bukamal region, was hit by an airstrike attributed to Israel on Sept. 9, which caused severe damage. ISI released satellite images of the base after the attack, pointing to the destruction of at least eight warehouses in the site. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 21 Iranians and pro-Iran fighters were killed in the strike.

The latest images from ISI showed construction near the destroyed fortified warehouses within the bombed compound. All the new infrastructures were constructed after the reported airstrike, the Israeli imagery company emphasized.

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