Aero-Sentinel to Supply G2 Drone to West African Country

The Israeli military uav manufacture - Aero Sentinel recently won a tender to supply its G2 system to a security agency of an undisclosed country in West Africa

Photo courtesy of Aero-Sentinel

IsraelDefense has learned that Aero Sentinel, an Israeli manufacturer of military UAV systems, recently won a tender to supply its G2 drone to a security agency in a West African country for surveillance missions. The deal is estimated at $800,000.

The G2 drone is a cutting-edge UAV system providing real-time day and night video streaming via a ground control station. The lightweight (3.6 kg) drone carries a payload of a day camera and a night thermal camera, has an endurance of 80 minutes, is driven by four silent electrical motors, and transmits its data through an encrypted communication channel to a range of up to 5 km.

By definition, the drone can take off and land vertically. The ground station consists of a rugged handheld mission computer, which features the ability to record video and telemetry data and to display a map over which the target map reference may be indicated. The G2 drone is regarded as relatively low cost and carries an average price tag of $35,000.

Two years ago, IsraelDefense reported that Aero-Sentinel had signed a contract with an Eastern European country to have its drone operated by special police forces in that country, mainly in support of counterterrorism operations. In 2016, a number of transactions involving this drone, mostly with West African countries, were reported. Deliveries, said to have a total value of $300,000, were made in the last quarter of that year.



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