India Test-Fired Rafael SPYDER System

The SPYDER mobile air defense system (Photo: Rafael)

The India Air Force recently test-fired the Rafael-made SPYDER air defense missile system, Indian media reported.

The SPYDER system incorporates two air-to-air-missiles: the PYTHON-5 dual waveband IIR missile and the I-DERBY ER missile.

“The IAF will use the SPYDER along with the made-in-India Akash surface-to-air missile which has a little longer effective range of 25 km as part of a layered approach to defend vital assets and locations in the country,” sources told India Today.

An interesting question arises from the test: could the Akash system be connected to the SPYDER’s radar and fire control systems? IsraelDefense sources estimate that this capability is technically possible, and it is for India to decide how to integrate the systems in its short-range air defense layout.