GandCrab Ransomware Operation Shutting Down

The hackers behind the GandCrab Ransomware are shutting down their operation after almost a year and a half, the group announced in a post on the underground hacking and malware forum

“We are leaving for a well-deserved retirement,” the GandCrab operators said. “We have proved that by doing evil deeds, retribution does not come.”

In the post, the GandCrab crew claimed they have generated more than $2 billion in ransom payments, with the operators making roughly $2.5 million per week and $150 million per year. Security experts believe that these figures are false.

“We successfully cashed this money and legalized it in various spheres of white business both in real life and on the Internet,” the group stated.

In the announcement, the GandCrab creators said they have stopped promoting the ransomware, asked the affiliates to stop distributing the ransomware within 20 days, and asked their topic to be deleted at the end of the month.


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