IMDEX ASIA 2019: Israel Shipyards to Unveil New Offshore Patrol Vessel

OPV-45 is designed for a wide range of naval, para-military and HLS missions, including EEZ protection, counter-terrorism and anti-piracy operations, search and rescue, and close-range combat

OPV-45 (Photo: Israel Shipyards)

Israel Shipyards will unveil its new multi-purpose offshore patrol vessel, named OPV-45, at IMDEX ASIA 2019. OPV-45 is designed for a wide range of naval, para-military and HLS missions, and can carry a variety of payloads according to mission requirements. OPV-45 facilitates open sea patrol and surveillance and supports a wide range of off-shore missions such as protecting facilities and EEZ, anti-terror/smuggling/illegal activities’ interdiction, intervention forces’ boarding/landing, and close-range naval combat operations, including anti-piracy missions and search and rescue operations. The new vessel can also be equipped for minimizing illegal immigration transits, fishing protection and control, and anti-pollution activities.

Fitted with advanced weapon stations, electro-optics, radar and communication systems, the OPV-45 has an overall length of 45.7m, a sustained speed of above 24 knots, and a command bridge enabling 360° observation. For missions requiring high-speed interception, the OPV-45 can carry a Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) of 7.20m. The RHIB can quickly, easily and crane-free be launched or retrieved into and out of water, while the vessel is on the move.

The OPV-45’s work deck can carry up to two 20ft containers. The vessel accommodates a crew of 16-24, plus additional space for up to 24 people for missions involving Special Forces, search and rescue, survivors, castaways, etc.

“The OPV-45 is an important addition to Israel Shipyards’ portfolio, offering the most cost-effective solution of its kind in the market today,” said CEO Eitan Zucker. “The OPV-45 is another example of our ability to foresee and comply with the market’s needs.”