Third China-Israel Investment Conference GoforIsrael to be held in Shandong Province

Jinan, the provincial capital, will host the conference with the participation of 100 Israeli high-tech companies and 1,000 Chinese investors

Third China-Israel Investment Conference GoforIsrael to be held in Shandong Province

From the previous GoforIsrael conference in China (courtesy)

The international investment conference GoforIsrael will take place for the third time outside the borders of Israel, on May 28, in Jinan, China, the capital of Shandong Province. With a population of 100 million and over 160,000 square kilometers, Shandong's GDP is $1.1 trillion, ranking third in China.

About 100 high-tech companies and Israeli startups will arrive in China to participate in the conference, which will showcase the best of Israeli innovation in fields such as advanced production technologies, IT, life sciences, water technologies, cleantech, agritech, energy and more. Israeli entrepreneurs will meet with more than 1,000 investors in one-on-one meetings. The Jinan conference is a joint venture of Cukierman & Co. Investment House and Catalyst Funds along with Shandong Guohui Investment Co., Shandon Province's investment arm, and Jinan Pioneer Area.

Jinan is the economic, political and cultural capital of Shandong, one of the richest and most prosperous provinces in China, with a particularly high level of economic development. It is ranked second in China in terms of population, and is considered to be an economic center and a leading manufacturing area in China.

“This is the third time we have held the conference in China, and we are amazed by the demand for Israeli technologies in the country,” said Edouard Cukierman, Chairman of Cukierman & Co. Investment House and Managing Partner of Catalyst Funds. “In the province of Shandong, they are determined to become leaders in advanced production to help them promote the fourth industrial revolution, and to adopt advanced technologies in life sciences, green energy and other growing fields. In order to ensure high match rates for participating companies, we held meetings prior to the event in Israel with investors to identify the companies with the highest potential for success at the conference. This is a tremendous opportunity for Israeli entrepreneurs in a variety of fields, to present their technologies on stage and in pre-arranged meetings with quality investors.”

Yu Shaoming, Chairman of Shandong Guohui Investment Co., Shandong Province's investment arm, commented: “Shandong Province is a leading center for many industries in China. Our main challenge is to introduce innovation into the area, where it is relatively low. This is why we want to learn from Israel how to integrate advanced production and breakthrough technologies in the local market.”

The Shandong provincial government signed a bilateral agreement with the Israeli government in 2013 for cooperation in industrial R&D.

Among the major cities in the province are Qingdao, a port city serving as an international shipping hub and as the main activity of consumer goods giants such as Hisense and Haier. Yan Yantai is a leading center in life science technologies in China.

The recent GoforIsrael conference in Foshan was attended by more than 1,200 participants, including 500 relevant investors and 100 leading Israeli high-tech companies.

The upcoming GoforIsrael conference in Jinan will bring together senior decision makers, investment executives, entrepreneurs and public figures from Israel and China, including Antony Leung, CEO of Nanfung Group and former Hong Kong Finance Minister; Yair Shamir, Former Minister of Agriculture and Managing Partner of Catalyst Funds; Edouard Cukierman, Chairman of Cukierman & Co. Investment House and Managing Partner of Catalyst Funds; Liu Changwen, General Manager of Haier; Haggai Ravid, CEO of Cukierman & Co. Investment House; Mr.Yu Shaoming, Chairman of Shandong Guohui Investment Co., Shandong Provinces Investment Branch; Zilong Wang, Global Head of M&A – CICC (China's leading and largest investment bank); Zhang Jiang, Managing Partner of Ping An Ventures, an investment arm of the Chinese insurance giant; Michael Agam, President, South Asia, Stratasys; Dr. Irit Yaniv, Genreal Partner, Accelmed; and many others.

Among the topics that will be discussed at the conference: China-Israel mergers and acquisitions; Israeli-Chinese partnerships: The New Silk Road Initiative (OBOR); Chinese investments in hi-tech and life sciences companies in Israel; Israel's image in the world, and more.


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