Iran Unveils Three New Helicopter-Borne Missiles

Iran’s Defense Ministry and Army Aviation have developed three new missiles, according to a report by Mehr News Agency.

The missiles, dubbed Heydar, Qamar-e Bani Hashem and Dehlaviyeh, reportedly have a range of more than 8km. All three missiles, currently in the testing stage, are designed to be mounted on combat helicopters.

According to the report, Heydar is an air-to-ground missile that can be used to attack armored and ground-based targets. It can be installed on different types of platforms and has a penetration power of over one meter.

The Qamar-e Bani Hashem missile can be used against the same type of targets, but can also function as an air-to-air projectile and be deployed in the dark.

The laser-guided air-to-ground Dehlaviyeh missile is similarly suitable for deployment against armored targets and has a penetration power of 1.2 meters.


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Archive photo: Reuters

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