Emtan Launches New Product Line of Marksman Rifles

The MZ-15 DMR (Credit: Emtan Karmiel)

Emtan, an Israeli small arms manufacturer, launches a new product line for sharpshooters and designated marksmen. The first rifle in this product line is the high-precision EMTAN MZ-15 DMR 5.56 18"/20" manufactured according to MIL-SPEC standards and features a two-stage trigger, a floating handguard and an accurate 1:7 twist chrome-lined barrel manufactured with state-of-the-art button-rifling technology.

The EMTAN MZ-15 DMR is offered to law enforcement and military units. The new rifle, when combined with an accurate OTM cartridge (such as IMI 77G OTM) and a high stopping power, can minimize the potential collateral damage associated with the more powerful 308/7.62 cartridge when engaging targets in a crowded area.

"The MZ-15 DMR rifle was designed to meet the needs of two major markets," explained Ron Pollak, Emtan Karmiel's VP Marketing. "The first is the hunting and sport shooting market where a precision rifle is required for ranges of 500 to 700 meters, and the second is Designated Marksmen in military units. The rifle was designed in accordance with current military and police specifications and standards."

Pollak notes that while no significant deals have yet been recorded, several such rifles have already been supplied to police units. "This is the first product of a series of rifles that we intend to launch in 2019-20, which will include several different calibers for ranges of up to 1,200 meters."

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Photo: Reuters

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