IAI to Help Establish Cyber Defense Academy in Brazil

Eli Alfassi, IAI Vice President of Marketing and Gustavo Leal, Director of SENAI (Photo: IAI)

IAI’s ELTA Systems and the Brazilian National Confederation of Industries (CNI) are to collaborate on the establishment of a cyber defense academy in Brazil, the company announced during LAAD 2019 held in Rio de Janeiro.

The company will work with a nonprofit organization administered by CNI, known as SENAI, the national service for industrial apprenticeship, to create a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for sharing cyber defense knowledge and education, making professionals capable of confronting the growing threats from hostile cyber activities and to establish a firm foundation for relevant research and developments capabilities adapted for Brazilian needs.

ELTA is the leader of the Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3) and the Israeli Aviation Cyber Companies Consortium (IAC3), both of which were established under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Economy.

“The mutual efforts of SENAI and ELTA will promote potential future cooperation between Israeli and Brazilian IP companies and will enable establishing a cyber-defense academy, promoting cyber capacity buildup in Brazil. This will enable the Israeli and Brazilian industries to jointly offer consultation, training and managed security services, based on national-grade methodologies and procedures, and to jointly seek for new future tech,” explained ELTA President, Yoav Tourgeman.


[Source: Monch]

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