IDF Intelligence Launches New Targeting Center

The Center has been operating for about a month, prioritizing Israel's southern area as part of an effort to improve combat readiness in the Gaza sector

Photo: IDF

Earlier this week, Maj. Gen. Tamir Hayman, the Head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, inaugurated a new Targeting Center as part of the establishment of the General Staff Targeting Directorate at the Glilot base. The ceremony was held in the presence of Col. R., the commander of the directorate as well as soldiers and other commanders from the Military Intelligence Directorate.

On his accession to the position, the Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, ordered the establishment of the General Staff Targeting Directorate which will serve as a focal point for all the units involved in the acquisition of emergency and routine targets in the IDF. The Directorate will enhance the connection with the operational edge in the various commands and branches. Its goal is to enable an efficient and effective operational process alongside increasing the rate of target acquisition for all sectors according to their importance.

For the first time in the framework of the administration, the Military Intelligence Directorate's technologies will be combined in the fields of data science and machine learning in order to acquire targets. The Targeting Center has been operating for about a month. As ordered by the Chief of Staff, it has been prioritizing the southern sector, as part of an effort to improve combat readiness in the Gaza Strip.

"The Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, defined the issue of target acquisition as one of his higher priorities upon assuming his position,” said Maj. Gen. Hayman. “In this framework, and even prior to it, we decided to concentrate efforts and dedicate the best of our youth and technology to do something different and innovative in the field of targeting. Along with the quantity, our job is to not disappoint in quality, in order to influence the enemy during combat, and between the wars in an accurate and lethal manner.

“There is an inter-service partnership here for this important issue. One of the most exciting things is the variety of professions, the different corps and the different roles, all in one place for one mission – an unprecedented force. This re-organization is the foundation for the Military Intelligence Directorate's information project, which is the nucleus of the developing ability to draw operational knowledge from the information that will serve us in any future engagements.”


[Source: Israel National News]

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