EURONAVAL 2018: Israel Shipyards to Present Solutions for Seaborne Interdiction and Naval Counter-Terrorism

SHALDAG MK II (Photo courtesy of the company)

Israel Shipyards will present advanced solutions for seaborne interdiction and prevention of terrorist and illegal activities for the military, law enforcement and HLS, at EURONAVAL 2018.

The company will introduce coastal defense systems for short- and long-distance protection, developed to prevent illegal activity and maritime terrorism, provide coastal protection for naval forces, and protect territorial waters and EEZs. Among the solutions installed on the company’s vessels are cutting-edge weapon systems as well as command and control, electro-optics, and night vision systems.

SHALDAG Fast Patrol Craft (FPC) Family: The company will showcase two models of the FPC family – the SHALDAG MK II and SHALDAG MK V. Both FPCs are made of aluminum and driven by water jet, with a speed of above 40 knots. The SHALDAG MK II is designed for coastal protection as well as for rivers, while the SHALDAG MK V is, among other things, designed for Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) protection missions.

Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV): Designed mainly for coastal protection, drilling rigs, and offshore facilities, the OPV has a variety of remotely controlled and stabilized armament systems. With a hull made of steel and a superstructure of aluminum, the vessel sails at high speeds of over 32 knots. Weapon control stations and navigation systems are installed on the command bridge, enabling the ship’s commander to have centralized control from the bridge. A helipad is also optional, and the new version is available with a modern bridge structure design.

SAAR S-72 Corvette: This multi-mission Corvette is modularly designed for use in naval warfare or as an OPV. When used as an OPV, it can be provided with lighter weaponry. The SAAR S-72 utilizes hybrid propulsion, automatically switching to diesel upon acceleration. It is designed for Search and Rescue and open sea patrol and surveillance, as well as protection of maritime sovereignty and offshore facilities.

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we therefore strive to provide a complete, integrated system, quickly and flexibly,” says CEO Eitan Zucker. “We supply the vessel as well as all the systems required for installation on the vessel according to the demand. Our products – which are of the highest quality and rapidly delivered – are tailor-made according to the unique needs and requirements of our customers.”