Cyberbit Releases SCADAShield 6.0

The new release aims to provide enhanced asset discovery and visibility for operational technology (OT) networks

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Cyberbit, a provider of cybersecurity simulation and IT/OT detection and response platforms, announced a new release of its SCADAShield OT security platform that provides enhanced asset discovery and visibility for operational technology (OT) networks. These capabilities provide managers of industrial control system (ICS) networks with real-time, detailed asset information and mapping, and as a result increase operational continuity, enable rapid vulnerability assessment and remediation, and increase overall cyber resilience across the converged IT and OT networks.

The latest version of SCADAShield provides OT managers with advanced asset tracking and profiling. As a result, OT managers benefit from granular visibility into asset attributes such as serial number, device ID, and software version. The platform can now also detect asset vulnerabilities and recommend the best way to remediate them. This comes in addition to SCADAShield’s set of capabilities for industrial control network monitoring that includes advanced network mapping, anomaly detection for zero-day threats, automated policy generation and policy enforcement, and signed threat detection.

“The recent uptick in attacks on critical infrastructures signifies the security gaps in OT networks,” said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit. “At the same time, our customer base in the critical infrastructure space is growing and communicating visibility as their main obstacle in achieving operational continuity and security. Our new SCADAShield platform addresses this need by providing best-in-market, real-time, and informative asset discovery and visibility.”

SCADAShield is an industrial control system (ICS) network monitoring platform which provides visibility, cyber resilience and operational continuity for OT networks by using granular deep-packet inspection (GDPI) of OT communication. The platform is used by electric grids, transportation networks, manufacturing companies, smart buildings, and data centers.


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