Rafael Signs Collaboration Agreement with Romaero

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has launched an industrial partnership with Romaero for local Romanian production of air defense and land systems

From the signing ceremony (Photo courtesy of Rafael)

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems on Wednesday signed a teaming agreement with Romaero, Romania’s largest government-controlled Aerospace & Defense Industry.

As part of their new partnership, Rafael and Romaero will consolidate a local partnership to facilitate local production and knowledge-transfer geared towards various Romanian acquisition programs.

The new cooperation will address the Romanian Army’s operational requirements in the upcoming programs already approved by Romania’s parliament. These include air defense systems – the Iron Dome and SPYDER air defense systems and the C-Dome naval air defense system; SAMSON 30mm remote weapon stations; and the SPIKE family of electro-optical precise tactical missiles.

Rafael has over 15 years of experience in Production Transfer Programs (PTP) worldwide. Its PTPs have been implemented successfully at more than 50 overseas companies located in the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and other countries.

“Rafael’s cutting-edge solutions are in use throughout the world, as well as in Romania,” said Rafael CEO, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yoav Har-Even. “We look forward to expanding our presence here and to working with our new partners at ROMAERO as our strategic partner to create new avenues of cooperation with local Romanian industry and suppliers. This is an essential aspect of our corporate policy and strategy – a dedication to strong, win-win partnerships and long-term collaboration to establish technological advancement, local production, and capabilities.”

Romaero CEO, Remus Vulpescu, said, “Romania’s increase in defense spending brings unprecedented opportunities for major investments in the defense industry. We are very excited to be teaming with Rafael, one of the world’s most ground-breaking defense industries. Together we will be able to extend our reach and sales internationally, for state-of-the-art systems produced in Romania and suitable for any platform, to fulfill Romania’s needs and requirements. We will work to provide high-quality services and competitive pricing, as well as business development through marketing performance.”