Philippine Police Takes Delivery of Israeli Assault Rifles

Israeli weapons manufacturers Emtan Karmiel and IWI have won tenders for the supply of thousands of assault rifles to the Philippine National Police. First deliveries of the EMTAN MZ-4 P FRB and the IWI Galil Ace have already arrived at the Philippines

Philippine Police Takes Delivery of Israeli Assault Rifles

The EMTAN MZ-4 P FRB rifle (Photo courtesy of Emtan Karmiel)

Israel Defense has learned that Emtan Karmiel, an Israeli manufacturer of light arms and rifles for armies and law enforcement agencies, has recently supplied the first shipment of 698 MZ-4 P FRB rifles to the Philippine Police, in cooperation with the local partner ARMSCOR (Arms Corporation of the Philippines). In December 2017, Israel Defense reported that the company took part in a large tender for the supply of 5.56x45mm assault rifles to the Philippine police and that 4,933 additional rifles are scheduled for delivery in 2018.

The EMTAN MZ-4 P FRB is based on the combat-proven MZ-4 Platform manufactured in Israel. However, as part of the Philippine National Police's tender requirements, the delivered rifles feature an advanced Piston Operation System and folding retractable buttstock that is fully operated when the buttstock is folded or deployed. Each rifle set arrives with a flat-top Picatinny rail and an aluminum quad rail handguard that can accept any standard optical and other accessories and with standard front and rear back-up flip-up aluminum sights.

According to CEO Reuven Zada, "EMTAN and ARMSCOR have signed a cooperation agreement for the manufacturing and assembly of MZ-4 rifles in the Philippines in order to supply the demand for M4 rifles that is the common platform used by the Philippines Army and Police. This agreement will enable the Philippines Army and Police to continue using the proven M16/M4 platform by using a modern EMTAN MZ-4 Rifle without the need to convert to other non-standard and costly rifle platform."

As reported here in December 2017, IWI (Israel Weapons Industry) also participated in the tender in question and offered its Galil Ace assault rifles, where the requested quantity in the tender stood at 8,170 rifles. Israel Defense has now learned that IWI also won the tender and had already begun to supply part of the quantity in accordance with the supply dates agreed upon in advance.

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