Elbit Systems Opens Office in Berlin

"Germany is a key market and is significant to Elbit Systems' continuous growth and growing presence in Europe," says the company's Executive VP for International Marketing & Business Development, Ran Kril

(Photo: Eyal Bugoslavsky)

Elbit Systems today announced the opening of an office in Berlin as part of the expansion of its activities in the German market.

"Following more than a decade of successful activities in Germany, focusing on the development of a technological, industrial and commercial base, Elbit Systems’ office in Berlin will enhance our growing activity in the market," the company said in a statement. "The 2004 acquisition of TELEFUNKEN RACOMS, a long-time provider to the German Defense Forces, and the strong relationships with leading local German defense industries, have placed Elbit Systems' operations in Germany on sound foundations that combine knowledge transfer and industrial capabilities."

Elbit Systems has so far engaged in several programs for the German defense forces, including supplying a variety of tactical radio systems, providing advanced electro-optic systems for infantry soldiers, and developing and supplying directional infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) systems for Airbus A400M military transport aircraft, together with DIEHL BGT Defense.

The Israeli company has been consistently expanding its operations in key European markets, as part of the company’s long-term strategy. Examples of recent European programs include the UK Military Flight Training System, the Benelux Smart Vest program, the Swiss Unmanned Aircraft Systems program, providing self-protection systems for NATO’s A330 fleet and providing a European country with an array of electronic warfare and signal intelligence systems.  

"Germany is a key market and is significant to Elbit Systems' continuous growth and growing presence in Europe," said Ran Kril, Executive VP for International Marketing & Business Development at Elbit Systems. "We appreciate the challenge and opportunity of developing and supplying operationally proven solutions to one of the world’s most advanced defense forces. We intend to leverage our extensive experience in providing robust, precise, networked solutions to leading defense forces in order to further contribute to the German defense forces and the German economy."