Israeli Experts Help the Nigerian Air Force to Establish First Commando Unit

Four-Troop, a company founded by veterans of IDF Special Forces units, is providing training to Nigerian Special Forces in asymmetric warfare. In a special interview with Israel Defense, CEO Roy Zechut confirms that the objective is to set up a special unit for the Nigerian Air Force

The channelstv website reported on Sunday that 150 Nigerian Air Force Special Forces were trained by a team of Israeli military officers. The Nigerian Air Force HQ announced that more than 500 Special Forces personnel have been trained in asymmetric warfare in the past six months and that the 8-week training was facilitated by the Four-Troop Company of Israel, in conjunction with NAF instructors.

The training comprises lectures, virtual and practical demonstrations, and exercises covering a wide range of counter-terrorism practices, commando tactics, airport security, some aspects of combat search and rescue, and other asymmetric warfare skills, according to the NAF HQ.

Roy Zechut, who co-founded Four-Troop together with Guy Sakin, both veterans of IDF Special Forces units, explains that the objective of these trainings is to set up a special unit for the Nigerian Air Force. "To date, there are no special forces in the Nigerian Air Force. The two months-long program trains the soldiers to fight terrorism and crime," says Zechut in a special interview with Israel Defense." The traditional role of the Nigerian Air Force is to protect military bases. While the Nigerian army and navy do have special units, the Air Force does not. With the growing threat of Boko-Haram, the NAF decided to establish one as well."

Four-Troop has been working for several years with the Nigerian Air Force providing military training. In the past, the focus was on airport security, and in recent months, the focus has shifted to counter-terrorism. "The company, established about eight years ago, operates in Africa, South America, and Asia. Most of the activity is concentrated in Nigeria, where the Nigerian Armed Forces are faced with difficult challenges in the battle against Boko-Haram, a decentralized terrorist organization that controls large parts of the country and possesses a variety of weapons – some of it stolen from bases and depots of the Nigerian military," Zechut explains.

"The training incorporates shooting practice, urban warfare techniques, Krav Maga (a military self-defense and fighting system developed in Israel), mission planning, etc. We are very well received in Nigeria, as they appreciate Israeli professional knowledge. The courses are part of long-term cooperation with the Nigerian Air Force, which will soon include an intelligence course and a combat EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course, which will be managed by M-TACS Medical Solutions and Tactics, another company we own."

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