Israeli Companies to Supply Weapons to the Philippines

Emtan Karmiel will supply 5.56x45mm MZ-4P assault rifles to the Philippine National Police. Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) provided Tavor X95 submachine guns to special PNP units

The Philippine National Police is purchasing 5.56x45mm assault rifles in three lots. The first was for 8,170 units in 2016-17, the second is for 698 in 2017, and the third for 4,933 in 2018. According to MaxDefense, the PNP is also interested in 21 units of .50 heavy machine guns, as well as 9mm pistols in two lots: 1,920 units in 2017 and additional 10,000 units in 2018. [Tender / bidding documents]

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) competed for all three lots with its Galil Ace, while Emtan Karmiel offered its MZ-4P in lots 2 and 3. Alongside the Israeli companies, other participating companies included Daewoo from South Korea and Česká Zbrojovka (CZ) from the Czech Republic. Despite previous declarations, no Russian arms manufacturer participated in the tender.

According to the publication, Daewoo K2 won the first and third lots, and Emtan Karmiel won the second lot. It is not clear at this point who won the tender for the pistols and machine guns.

Last week, IWI and the Chinese Norinco Company supplied guns to the PNP's special anti-drug unit. According to, IWI provided its Tavor X95 submachine guns (SMG), and Norinco delivered its CQ-A 5.56mm rifles.

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