Commtact Reveals New Data Link System

Weighing only 60 grams, the M2DLS offers its users various communication applications for a range of up to 40 KM

Commtact Reveals New Data Link System

Commtact's M2DLS (Photo courtesy of the company)

Commtact Ltd., a company specializing in the development, manufacture, and support of innovative communications systems, unveils its newly developed Mini MDLS for the first time. The Mini-Micro Data Link System (M2DLS) weighs only 60g, and its power transmission varies from 0.25 to 1 Watt. The system uses open architecture and enables full duplex wideband with cybersecurity protection, digital link, error correction techniques and high-rate communication in the Uplink (UPL) and Downlink (DNL) channels.

The M2DLS is specifically designed for micro size platforms and sensors that are sensitive to size, weight, and power (SWaP). It supports up to six antennas simultaneously for multi-coverage support. The system can be used as an Airborne Data Terminal and as Ground Data Terminal.

The system's small dimensions (6x5x2 cm) makes it suitable for small UGV, small VTOL UAV, sensors and other applications. It can download real-time video images, LAN, serial data and information from most available sensors.

"Combining proven technologies, miniaturization, and advanced algorithms, the new Mini-Micro Data Link System (M2DLS) provides real-time secured information from micro unmanned platforms as well as from a range of different sensors, and allows enhanced situational awareness for better decision making," says Shai Palti, Commtact's CEO. "Commtact's high-end communication systems are installed on many of the UAV's in Israel, as well as on many other different manned and unmanned platforms in Israel and abroad."



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