AUSA 2017: ACS Will Present The Grenade Trigger Pouch

Enabling one-handed grenade retrieval, the Grenade Trigger Pouch was specially-designed for combat soldiers and SOF

Photo: ACS

ACS Industries, an Israeli supplier of grenade carriers, will present the Grenade Trigger Pouch – its unique rigid carrier for fast and safe handling of fragmentation and flash bang grenades – at AUSA 2017 which will take place at Washington D.C. on October 9-11. Enabling one-handed grenade retrieval, the pouch is intended for use by any fighter carrying a grenade, and was specially designed for military and police Special Forces and counterterrorism units.

According to Nir Shaul, the Founder and CEO of ACS, “The Grenade Trigger Pouch was designed to address a serious safety issue in the handling of grenades of various kinds. Unfortunately, there are dozens of accidents every year involving grenades. The solution we developed is the only one of its kind in the world – enabling secure carrying and quick, safe, one-handed grenade extraction and detonation.”

Custom-molded from composite materials, the Grenade Trigger Pouch can be customized to fit every type and model of grenade, and is already available for six (6) popular grenade types. The pouch has a unique ergonomic structure and employs five separate security measures which enable both safe handling as well as fast and efficient grenade operation – crucial when fighting terror. Six times faster than conventional fabric pouches, the one-handed extraction and detonation enable the grenade operator’s eyes to remain on the target and to always keep one hand on his weapon.

ACS is headed by the owners of Nirtal Training & Supply of Combat Equipment and Team 3 Group – two established companies in the security field, employing a total of 6500 people. The company holds patents for the only non-textile pouch for grenades – the Grenade Trigger Pouch.


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