The UK Test-Fires Sea Ceptor Air Defense System

HMS Argyll has successfully conducted the first firings of the Sea Ceptor system from a Type 23 frigate. The Sea Ceptor system, which utilizes MBDA’s next-generation Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM), is being fitted to replace the Sea Wolf weapon system on the Type 23 frigates as part of their life-extension program. Sea Ceptor will provide improved protection for the Royal Navy against anti-ship cruise missiles, aircraft and other threats.

The system uses a missile capable of reaching speeds of up to Mach 3 – three times the speed of sound. It will be able to deal with multiple targets at the same time, protecting an area of around 500 square miles over land or sea.

Traditional air defense systems utilize semi-active radar guidance, meaning they rely on a surface-based fire control radar to illuminate the missile’s target. By using an active radar seeker and datalink on the missile, CAMM does not require the dedicated fire control radar on which a semi-active system depends.


[Source: MBDA Missile Systems]

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