Mossad Launches Libertad Fund to Invest in Technological Startups

The Israeli intelligence agency has established a new fund called Libertad, which is being positioned as the agency’s new technological arm. The agency is seeking technologies in various fields, including robotics, miniaturization and encryption

Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, is setting up a technological innovation fund called Libertad that will help the agency meet existing and future challenges by tapping into the knowledge generated by startup companies.

A government statement said Mossad was seeking technologies in various fields, including robotics, miniaturization, and encryption as well as new automated methods of gleaning information from documents and new ways of carrying out operations more stealthily.

A statement by the Libertad fund said it would be willing to give grants of up to 2 million shekels per project in exchange for non-exclusive rights to the technology.

"The Mossad wants to encourage innovation and creation of groundbreaking technology ... the technology developed will be implemented by us, in cooperation between the parties," Libertad explained in a document.

As part of this new initiative, the Mossad has issued a request for proposals from companies and entrepreneurs, agency director Yossi Cohen said at the launch event for the Mossad Libertad Fund.

"The Mossad fund for technology and innovation, Libertad, will find its place between the covert Mossad and the open world of technology," Cohen said. "Through Libertad, we want to connect to you – market leaders, entrepreneurs, companies, industries and research institutes."

"Libertad will provide the Mossad with a strong, direct and productive link with technological brain trusts and leading pioneers here in Israel in designing tomorrow," he explained.

"We have established the fund to support freedom of operation by visionary entrepreneurs who are working to realize their dream and will enable us to use their developments in implementing our national mission.

"The Mossad will do its part by financing research and development and, in exchange, will receive technology for its needs. I am proud of the Mossad’s innovation," he concluded.

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