New Telescopic Sight for IDF Snipers

The IDF Ground Arm has selected American-made Leupold telescopes (manufactured by the Leupold & Stevens Corporation) as their telescopic sight of choice for ground forces snipers.

The IDF has recently acquired the new Leupold Mark-6 telescopes and by the end of 2017 will have about 800 units in service. The new 3-18 magnification telescope features a reticle that maintains consistent visual contact with the target. The reticle also allows distance measurement and engagement of moving targets without giving up or downgrading the scope's magnification standards.

After three years of comprehensive technical and operational testing and thorough evaluation, the IDF Ground Arm selected the Leupold Mark-6 telescope to be issued to all the ground forces snipers and other relevant sniping systems (infantry, SWAT, long range, etc.).

The new acquisition contract, estimated at 10 million ILS, is a part of a long-term program for upgrading the sniping capabilities of the IDF ground forces.

Ron Lewinger, marketing and business development manager of North East Technologies (NET), Leupold's agents for Israel, clarifies that Leupold telescopes are already used by other western military forces, including the US Army, US Special Forces and specialist units of the American law enforcement community.

As the IDF requested several new features to be included in the telescopic sights, Leupold has made some adjustments in the scopes to accommodate the IDF's requests. Consequently, the telescopes will fully comply with all of the requirements of the IDF Ground Arm for various combat scenarios.

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