Cybertech Global TLV | CyberArk’s CIO: 90% of Organizations Have Experience Identity-Related Incidents

Omer Grossman, CIO of CyberArk, explains the basic challenges that persist in a world of increasing identities, new attack environments, and more sophisticated attack methods

Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik

“With the increasing of new identities, the shaping of new environments, and new, sophisticated, attack methods, we still need to solve the same problem – securing cyberspace,” said Omer Grossman, the Global Chief Information Officer at CyberArk, on the main stage of Cybertech Global Tel Aviv this morning (Tuesday).

“90% of organizations have experienced at least one identity-related incident over the past year. We have 45 machine identities for every user on average, a growth of 2.5 per person per year,” he said.

Grossman explained that “2024 is the biggest election year in history, with over 50 years expected to hold national elections, and 50 billion people expected to cast their vote. In addition to influence operations, we might see cybercrimes linked to voter result manipulation, misinformation, and disinformation.

“The results of these elections, cyber-wise, could shape the way we perceive cybersecurity in the future.  

“It’s an exciting time to harness AI’s potential to advance, but bad actors also use this technology for their malicious needs. We can’t always understand, predict or anticipate what will come next.

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